.NET since day one, DiscountASP.NET remains the .NET developer's choice when it comes to hosting websites and applications. Supporting the .NET developer community since 2003, DiscountASP.NET has become the most trusted and respected host in the field. With multiple awards from Visual Studio Magazine, Code Project, asp.netPRO Magazine (DevPro Connections) and many others, DiscountASP.NET is the undisputed leader in ASP.NET hosting.

"Big cloud hosting on a human scale," Everleap was started in 2014 as a manageable, affordable alternative to big cloud hosts such as Azure and Amazon. Everleap has won over developers around the world who have outgrown traditional shared hosting, but don't want to deal with the complexity and unpredictable expenses of the big cloud hosts. With available Managed SQL service and automatically load-balanced, multiple server configuration available to every site, Everleap is the future of web hosting, available today.

DiscountASP.NET began providing Team Foundation Server service in 2010 in its U.S. and European data centers with multiple proxy servers around the world for geographically dispersed teams. The service has grown to provide managed TFS for large projects and teams, as well as standalone TFS Build service, but DiscountASP.NET TFS remains a favorite of small shops and single developers as well, since it continues to support many legacy versions of TFS and Visual Studio.

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